How Do You Make Your Linkedin Profile Stand Out?

Are you already in Linkedin – or are you about to make your own account? If your target clientele are CEOs, executives, and business professionals, your Linkedin profile has to stand out from the rest! 

Here are 8 simple steps to land your ideal client using your Linkedin account.

1) Upload your headshot.

Make sure it is a good and professional-looking one, and don’t forget to smile! This is the first impression that people will get from your profile. There are millions of profiles that clients could choose from in Linkedin, and those without a photo are more likely to be cast aside. 

2) Your headline should be clear and eye-catching.

Those 120 characters right below your name in your Linkedin profile is incredibly important – it is the first thing that visitors of your profile will read. Don’t bother with dull headlines that will just list your job title, advertise your specialty and how you can benefit your potential clients. Don’t forget to keep your target audience in mind!

3) Write a stellar summary that highlights your experience.

Your summary is like a longer version of your headline – it should show your target clientele your skills, experience, and interests. You can also use keywords related to your niche so your potential clients could easily find you!

4) Have a customized URL.

Your default URL contains your name and some random, unnecessary numbers with it. Customizing your URL makes it neater and more concise, and will also help people easily identify you in search results! You can find the option of customizing your URL in your public profile settings page.

5) Have relevant connections.

Keep growing your connections, as they help keep you visible to others! You can connect with people that you already know personally or have already worked with.

6) Have relevant recommendations in your profile.

Recommendations help build your reputation and provide proof of your skills and strengths. Don’t be shy – feel free to ask for recommendations from your past colleagues or clients! Keep in mind, however, that your recommendations should be in line with all the other information that you put on your profile. 

7) Post or write articles regularly.

Linkedin is more than a place to find potential clients, it is also a social media site where you grow your networks. Keep your page active by posting regularly!

8) Lastly, don’t forget to engage with your network!

Like all other social media platforms, engaging with your network is crucial. Allot at least 30 minutes a week to mingle and improve your Linkedin profile as you go! And don’t forget to have fun!

Still unsure where to start?

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